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Bridgett L.  |  Los Gatos, CA

Wow! What a great and pleasant experience we had. Our family car (expedition) had been in a wreck. Andrew did amazing amazing work. He is very meticulous and can see he is a Perfectionist. We definitely benefited from his pride in his work because we love how our SUV looks. Our car was repaired faster than expected. If you need work done definitely come here. He has a very calm easy going personality just very approachable and professional. Though we live an hour away our accident happened in SJ but we have found our forever go to shop. Our experience here was just comfortable, no B.S.

Alice L.  |  San Jose, CA

I've been going to Andrew's body shop for at least 15 yrs, he's done all the body and paint on a few of my cars! I wouldn't go anywhere else. He runs a good, honest and respectful business, exactly what it takes to keep a business!! Keep up the good work guys, your doing great!! "HIGHLY RECOMMEND" Satisfaction guaranteed!

Sid K.  |  Milpitas, CA

Honesty, precision, value for money were some of the few highlights of my experience with Andrew for my Honda Civic.

Samina H.  |  Moraga, CA

Excellent service! My car was done relatively quick and came out looking brand new. All for a reasonable price too. Would definitely go back.

Julie A.  |  San Jose, CA

Just picked up my Lexus yesterday and it is as good as new! Andrew had it ready on time and gave me more than a fair price for the work. I had a huge gash on the back of my car that I had been putting off fixing for almost a year. The damage was pretty bad with a little bit of rust already forming and the whole back panel of my car was potentially needing to be replaced. Andrew was able to fix the existing panel and you can not tell that it was completely cut open before. I will come back if in need of any more work on my car and will recommend to others if in search for a shop.

Daniel M.  |  San Jose, CA

I met Andrew at my gym and found out we worked down the street from each other. I had him install some E-Tracks inside our delivery vans and he did a good job. I was just involved in a fender bender in my personal car and took it to Andrew and it came out very nice, paint matches perfect, can't even tell I was in a accident. I will recommend Andrews shop friends and family, real nice guy too.

Kevin B.  |  Santa Clara, CA

What can I say? I've had a lot of body work done on my cars over the years, and most of it wasn't caused by me. :-)  But Andrew has the magic touch.  I am not kidding. He can take what looks like irreparable damage, and make it look like it never happened. This is rare. He has a gift. This most recent occurrence: new (old) '91 Mustang. The car had some front end damage when I got it. (My '89 got totalled by an idiot on a cell phone.)  It got some more front end damage when someone backed into it in a parking lot.  It actually didn't look that bad, but when Andrew took off the bumper and fender, big problems underneath. So he took care of all that, and put everything back together, and even though it's a 25 year old car, structurally, it now looks as good as new.  Now I'm saving up to get it painted. Andrew has also worked on my wife's 2005 Jaguar, and again, excellent, excellent work. The guy is an artist, with an engineering mindset in terms of how to fix stuff.

Al L.  |  San Jose, CA

These guys are awesome. Fantastic job on my BMW 7 series, won't trust any other shop. I was rear ended and the shop where Geico sent me had bad reviews. Insurance rep. gave me a low ball estimate trying to cut corners. Andrew made sure all the damaged parts were replaced and my car was fixed correctly. You need Andrew on your side to deal with the  insurance company or they will cut corners. Don't take your car to the insurance shop go to Andrew G's or you'll be sorry later when your car is not safe in an accident.

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